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Pre-orders will open in just a few days...

2nd Jan 2021

Happy New Year, JetCitizens! Yes, another delay but this one will be quite brief. We don't want to accept anyone's payment until we have a firm availability date. And that will happen this week. Once … read more

Release date pushed back to 1.2.21

Posted by ~ Douglas White, 12.1.20, Boise Idaho. on 1st Dec 2020

Well shoot. We are going to have to move the order date back a little bit. I thought December 1 was conservative and do-able but it is still premature. The prototypes are working and making me happy b … read more

Custom 2.X release date 12 2 2020

28th Oct 2020

We are well behind schedule, it seems - originally planning to launch the Custom 2.X on our anniversary - 9.9. However, we finally have enough done that we will be able to start taking orders by 12.2. … read more

Welcome Back to Jet City!

Posted by ~ Douglas White, 8.16.20, Boise Idaho. on 16th Aug 2020

Re-launching August 22, 2020 - will be rebranded as After taking about a year off, we are back, offering just one initial product - Custom 2.XThis new amp is made in … read more