We are now sold out of all 20 watt amps. Only a few JCA800 and speaker cabinets can be ordered until the Fall.

Re-launching August 22, 2020 - AmpFactory.com will be rebranded as JetCityCustom.com. After taking about a year off, we are back, offering just one initial product - Custom 2.X

This new amp is made in much smaller production runs than our previous products (you can find all of those in the Legacy page but we are no longer offering them). 

Our dedication to robust, simple designs and manufacturing with high-grade components is still intact, and now assembled one at a time here in the USA. Check out the product configurator, or even consider buying yours in kit form. Either way, we remain confident that you will be impressed by our quality and performance at the price point. 

Thanks for coming back to visit us again.