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Welcome to Jet City

Launched 9.9.9 with the mission of delivering quality all-tube guitar amplifiers and related products at affordable prices, Jet City Amplification has evolved a few times in the ensuing 10+ years. We now offer a range of options enabling you to configure the way you want your amp to look and sound.

Amplifiers are offered in two build categories - 

In Stock means the amp and cabinet are basically completed and ready to ship. However, there are still some options available and depending on what you choose it can take a few days to prepare. 

Customize means you can choose your tolex color(s) control panel acrylic, and operational options. Generally speaking it is the cabinet which has the longest lead time, so, ordering this way might take two or three weeks for us to ship.

Please note because each amplifier is assembled to order, lead time from order to shipment can be two or three weeks depending on demand.

See the descriptions of our current offerings here.

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