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  • 5LO 22H Upgrade

    Jet City

    5LO 22H Upgrade

    Please allow approximately one week from receipt of your amp to return shipment.  This is a direct drop-in replacement PCB for 22H or Custom 2.X ONLY. You send us your amp and we will retrofit it and return it to you with your new sound...

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  • Custom cabinet

    Jet City

    Custom cabinet

    This Jet City amplifier cabinet fits any of our 20 watt amps, as well as the 800. It does not fit any of the other 50 or 100 sized amps. Made in Boise Idaho from high quality plywood. All standard cabinets are the same dimensions: 20"x9"x9". Oversized is...

    Was: $199.00
    Now: $149.00
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