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5LO 22H Upgrade

Jet City

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Product Overview

Please allow approximately one week from receipt of your amp to return shipment. 

This is a direct drop-in replacement PCB for 22H or Custom 2.X ONLY. You send us your amp and we will retrofit it and return it to you with your new sound and a 2-year full warranty. These are not MODS to your existing amp. we are replacing the entire circuit board AND the loop. 

Choose your installation option below:

DIY: we will send you the completed PCB. This installs to your existing amps wiring at a 1-to-1 basis. That's just a little over a dozen wires, without mods. You can do those optional mods yourself - just buy your switches and wires. Remember this will require you to drill holes in your chassis.

Factory: Send us your 22H, we will installed the new PCB and chosen mods for a fee, and return shipping is on us. This option includes a 2-year warranty.

Switchable options indicated will require us to drill your chassis to accommodate the switches. Please note your existing 22H PCB will stay with us for recycling into another amp. You pay shipping to get the amp to us, we pay shipping to return it to you.


This is the legendary Super Lead Overdrive circuit. Designed in Seattle, the preamp is a spot-on recreation of the 1987 high gain benchmark used by countless pros. Improvements made are replacement of the original's antiquated channel switching with modern relays, heater routing to reduce noise, and integration of all components to a single PCB.

The harmonically rich, touch responsive and smooth high gain of the original is here. Assembled in Northern California from US-made and imported parts. Each amp is built one at a time and hand-serialized. 


  • 5 12AX7 preamp sockets
  • 20 watts from 2x EL84
  • Tube-buffered, pedal-friendly effects loop
  • Hand-soldered, thick (purple) PCB with through hole construction. High-quality components throughout. 


  • Clean / Crunch switch on Channel One - without this switch we can hardwire to either Clean or Crunch at your preference. Please note Clean mode is at a lower output level than Crunch mode. +$30
  • Bright switch +$29
  • Rear-mounted variable DEPTH control +$35

As always if you have something specific in mind or a question please email to 



(1 review) Write a Review

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    5LO 22H Upgrade

    Posted by Kellan on 7th Dec 2022

    Went for the 5LO board upgrade on my JCA22H with all the options (bright switch, depth control, channel switch). Sounds awesome as expected! All features work as designed. Fair warning - where it really starts sounding good on both channels is around 11-12 o’clock on the master volumes which is really loud. Doesn’t sound bad at low volume but it sounds a little thin if you’ve got the master volumes barely open which shouldn’t be surprising. If you can let it rip on the volume or have a load box to tame the volume you’ll be stoked on the tone! Great work by Doug and the team.