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Stack of the month!

Posted by Douglas White. January 30, 2022, Boise Idaho on 30th Jan 2022

Stack of the month!

Have you seen the new category? Stack of the month is live here

Each month we will offer a matched set of amplifier and speaker cabinet with a specific appearance configuration. For example, the January stack is British racing green with black and tan cloth and a gold acrylic control panel. Sometimes these stacks will introduce something new - for example we just added British racing green to our available tolex options. 

You can still choose your voicing preference from the Silver, Brown, and 5LO options. So it can sound and perform as you want - it's just the cosmetic appearance which is predetermined.

Each stack will have a special price which is lower than if you configured a head and cabinet separately. And typically the mode switch will be free. Oh and free shipping (North America only). So it's a pretty great value and hopefully something which will be a conversation piece and perhaps even a collectible. 

These stacks are limited edition though. Each month's stack is a one-off, so when it's gone, it's gone. Further, each month's stack is offered only for three months. So if January's stack hasn't been snapped up by April, it will vanish. But the February, March, and April stacks will still be available (if not sold). 

Blah blah blah. It seems like a fun idea and hopefully one month the configuration offered will make your eyeballs pop out.