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4.00 LBS

Product Overview

Our attenuator is recommended for input wattage up to approximately 80 watts. It can be used with up-to 100 watt amps, if you don't set your amp's output much more than half of full power. It has some useful features, making it an excellent tool for both live and recording.

Amp inputs at 4-, 8-, and 16-ohms makes Jettenuator more versatile than other attenuators. The continuous attenuation control lets you set the volume right where you want it.

The line-level output, can be set from the front panel. Use this to connect Jettenuator to an external power amplifier, mixer, or effects processors.


The MicSim is a balanced, XLR output which simulates a microphone in front of a speaker, so you can attenuate your amp and send a great-sounding feed to the house, or your recording mixer. It’s like a direct box for your tube amp. Please note Jettenuator will attenuate your output by approximately 3dB just by connecting it.

Occasionally we build them with a black front panel. Both black and white versions are identical in features and functions.

Shipping Weight

4.0 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

5.0"W x 6.0"H x 3.5"D


(No reviews yet) Write a Review