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Standard 2.X

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28.00 LBS
$29.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Standard 2.X is our 20 watt offering, pre-configured with your choice of cabinet and front panel. Based on the platform of our most-popular product ever, the 22H, 2.X is built with all of our usual quality standards but at much smaller quantities. Each Standard 2.X is hand-assembled, here in the USA, one at a time. 

20 watts from 2x EL84

Please allow a few business days for yours to ship depending on the configuration. Free shipping on orders placed by 10.10.21

USA and Canada only, for now. 

Printed circuit board (PCB). This was already well renowned for thickness, durability and our large traces made for easy repair and mods. We have taken that a step further by working with our friends at Epic Amplification on the 2.X board. They've updated and re-routed the circuit board and elevated the DC heaters for quieter operation. Now with through-hole plating too. Standard boards are wave-soldered off-shore. Hand-soldered boards are stuffed and soldered here, hence the up-charge.  

Transformers have been upgraded too. Our original transformer set was already impressive - offering a lot more iron than our competitors. Now named Lightening and Thunder, we've changed vendors and are building even bigger, more robust transformers in smaller handcrafted runs. 

Cabinet is made from void-free plywood. Available in black or cream.

Control Panel Acrylic choose from black or white.

C2.X - This is the new Jet City voice. And update to the original with more modern gain.

The Stock output board contains the speaker outputs; 2x 8 ohms and 1x 16ohms.

Tubes are JJ 4x 12AX7 and matched EL84.

Footswitch available +$12.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review