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20 watts from 2x EL84

Designed by Epic Amplification, the new SILVER PCB fits into our 22H/Custom 2.X platform of chassis/cabinet and transformer set. This amp features the modifications to a famous rental amp from SIR #34 and #36 used on a number of 80s hard rock albums which set the standards for guitar tone.

Channel ONE: Plexi / Cap'n Crunch - The front panel switch adds a great lower gain Plexi voice to your crunch channel. If you want to avoid the upcharge for the switch this can be hardwired in either position. Cap'n Crunch is #34 with its thick and heavy distorted rhythm tones.

  • Gain boost switch option 

Channel TWO: Silver Hammer - Silver Hammer brings those legendary higher gain tones of the SIR #36 rental amp made famous by players like George Lynch and Slash.

  • Gain boost switch option


  • 4 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 20 watts from 2x EL84 power tubes
  • Hand-soldered, thick (black) PCB with through hole construction. High-quality components throughout
  • Heavy, custom-wound Jet City power and output transformers
  • Transparent pedal-friendly SS loop with internally adjustable level
  • Channel footswitch included


  • Saturation switch - adds diode clipping
  • Rear-mounted variable DEPTH control
  • Front-panel channel switching with Overdrive indicator LED
  • Upgrade to Heyboer or Mercury US-made output transformers.
  • Acrylic control panel overlay color
  • Many tolex and front baffle options at no additional cost
  • Oversized Offset cabinet +$30 

Because we use the same acrylic overlays for all amps, optional switches are not labeled on the front. We can identify those positions in notes when the build is complete.

Assembled in Boise Idaho from US-made and imported parts. Each amp is built one at a time and hand-serialized. 

As always if you have something specific in mind or a question please email to [email protected]


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Silver Custom 20 - Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Walker on 15th May 2022

I honestly never knew a 20 Watt amp head could sound this good. From a true Plexi to a bangin' Silver Jubilee in one amazing package. Build quality is off the charts fantastic, too. This amp was definitely worth the 6 week wait for me. I TOTALLY recommend this to anyone reading this.

Custom Silver 20

Matt Guthrie on 3rd Apr 2022

After emailing Doug with some questions that were quickly answered I pulled the trigger and ordered the Custom Silver 20 and a matching 1x12 loaded cab. I anxiously waited about 6 weeks for my amp to be built and delivered. I ordered the Captain Crunch switch, the Saturation switch, the Channel switch, the rear mounted Depth Control and the Choke. All of this in a Sea Foam Green cabinet with Black and Tan cloth baffle cover and black control face plate with white lettering and white chicken head knobs. It looks Freaking Great. I had read several comments in some on line forums saying that these amps don’t really clean up very well. That was ok, I’ve got clean amps and need a high gain amp. Well channel one on this amp cleans up surprisingly well. It’s got a great edge of breakup but can also be dialed in to a very warm overdriven tone. It’s very articulate with the gain knob up to 6. I didn’t really try it above that since that was plenty for channel one. Using a OD pedal as a boost in front of the amp sounds great. It’s giving me the perfect amount of “more”. Channel 2 is an absolute fire breathing face melter! I have the gain knob on mine set at 4 and it is very crisp and articulate. If I turn it up it doesn’t seem to add a ton more gain. Each channel has a master volume as well. This is nice for setting the volume between channels equally or boosting one. Honestly the amp sounds best a bit loud. Loud enough to make my wife give me the evil eye. So probably not the perfect bedroom amp. I honestly couldn’t be happier at this point. This amp is going work great in my home studio when I need a great high gain sound.