Silver Custom 20 Upgrade

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Please allow approximately THREE weeks from receipt of your amp to return shipment. 

This is a direct drop-in replacement PCB for 22H or Custom 2.X ONLY. You send us your amp and we will retrofit it and return it to you with your new sound and a 2-year full warranty. These are not MODS to your existing amp, we are replacing the entire circuit board AND the loop. 

Switchable options indicated will require us to drill your chassis to accommodate the switches. Please note your existing 22H PCB will stay with us for recycling into another amp. You pay shipping to get the amp to us, we pay shipping to return it to you. 

Featuring our Silver PCB which evokes the tones of the 25th anniversary of arguably the greatest amp in rock history.
Channel ONE: Cap'n Crunch - SIR #34 with its thick and heavy distorted rhythm tones is faithfully represented.
Channel TWO: Silver Hammer - Silver Hammer brings those legendary higher gain tones of the SIR #36 rental amp made famous by players like George Lynch and Slash.


  • 4 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 20 watts from 2x EL84 power tubes
  • Hand-soldered, thick (white) PCB with through hole construction. High-quality components throughout
  • Transparent pedal-friendly SS loop with internally adjustable level


  • Channel One gain boost
  • Channel One Plexi / Crunch mode switch
  • Channel Two gain boost
  • Saturation switch - adds diode clipping
  • Rear-mounted variable DEPTH control

Assembled in California from US-made and imported parts. Each amp is built one at a time and hand-serialized. 

As always if you have something specific in mind or a question please email to