We are now sold out of all 20 watt amps. Only a few JCA800 and speaker cabinets can be ordered until the Fall.

Expected ship date is 18th Jul 2022

Amp of the Month May '22

May's amp continues the launch of the NEW hand-wired 800.

Our NEW hand-wired JCA800 is a faithful tribute to the legendary JCM800 2204 with one big difference - we made it smaller. JCA800 is a 50 watt, 2xEL34 amp in the same chassis footprint as all of our 20 watt amps. This enables us to offer all the same cabinet colors and size options, as well as matching with our LesBois speaker cabinets.

The May amp is housed in our oversized offset cabinet with gold piping. If you would prefer black or white piping just drop us a message in your order.

Included mods with the amp of the month:

  • Lead boost - uses the footswitch jack and rear-mounted rotary control to set the level of boost

And as always with the Amp of the Month, FREE Shipping.


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9.00 (in)
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