We are now sold out of all 20 watt amps. Only a few JCA800 and speaker cabinets can be ordered until the Fall.


Stack of the Month!

Each month we will offer a one-off special stack. You can choose the amp voice, and sometimes speaker options.

March's stack is in purple and black and includes the following features and options:

First, only BROWN or SILVER voicing are available in this month's stack. The Mode Switch is no charge:

Brown - Harry Browne mode on Channel Two

Silver - Plexi / Cap'n Crunch mode on Channel One

Knobs are M-style, black on black.

The output transformer is our mighty Heyboer custom USA, included.

The amp and speaker cabinets are both of our oversized variety.

The grill cloth is black, but it's a woven cloth and heavier than our standard grill offering.

Celestion Vintage 30 at 16 ohms included.

Footswitch included

If you were to configure all of this separately you'd find it in your cart at $1213 which is pretty darn reasonable. But the March stack is offered at $999.

And as always with the Stack of the month, FREE Shipping.


Current Stock:
50.00 LBS
Voicing *
Front panel channel switching
Depth control - rear mounted

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