We are now sold out of all 20 watt amps. Only a few JCA800 and speaker cabinets can be ordered until the Fall.


Stack of the Month!

Each month we will offer a one-off special cosmetic 1/2 stack. You can choose the amp voice, and sometimes speaker options. Only 3 months will be visible at a time, so in April, the January stack will disappear, in May the February stack will disappear, and so on.

February's stack features the oversized-offset cabinet and the NEW oversized 1x12 matching cabinet. All in white, including the new white logo.

Choose your voice - Brown, Silver, or 5LO

Mode Switch - no charge.

Brown - Harry Browne mode on Channel Two

Silver - Plexi / Cap'n Crunch mode on Channel One

5LO - Clean / Crunch mode on Channel One


This month's offering is unloaded, with a couple of speaker options at special pricing.

Hydro-dipped YELLOW footswitch included.

FREE Shipping


Current Stock:
50.00 LBS
Voicing *
Front panel channel switching
Depth control - rear mounted

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