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Please allow approximately FOUR weeks from order to delivery. We build these amps one at a time. 

This is the legendary Super Lead Overdrive built in our 20 watt chassis and transformer set. Designed in Seattle, the preamp is a spot-on recreation of the 1987 high gain benchmark used by countless pros. Improvements made are replacement of the original's antiquated channel switching with modern relays, heater routing to reduce noise, and integration of all components to a single PCB.

The harmonically rich, touch responsive and smooth high gain of the original is here. Assembled in Boise Idaho from US-made and imported parts. Each amp is built one at a time and hand-serialized. 


  • 5 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 20 watts from 2x EL84 power tubes
  • Tube-buffered, pedal-friendly effects loop
  • Hand-soldered, thick (purple) PCB with through hole construction. High-quality components throughout
  • Channel footswitch included


  • Clean / Crunch switch on Channel One - without this switch we can hardwire to either Clean or Crunch at your preference. 
  • Bright switch
  • Rear-mounted variable DEPTH control
  • Front-panel channel switching with Overdrive indicator LED
  • Upgrade to Heyboer or Mercury US-made output transformers.
  • Acrylic control panel overlay color
  • Many tolex and front baffle options at no additional cost
  • Oversized Offset cabinet +$30 

Because we use the same acrylic overlays for all amps, optional switches are not labeled on the front. We can identify those positions in notes when the build is complete. Please note the perforated metal baffle won't fit the OO cabinet because of the offset.

As always if you have something specific in mind or a question please email to info@jetcityamps.com 


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