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This is the legendary Super Lead Overdrive built in our 20 watt chassis and transformer set. Designed in Seattle, the preamp is a spot-on recreation of the 1987 high gain benchmark used by countless pros. Improvements made are replacement of the original's antiquated channel switching with modern relays, heater routing to reduce noise, and integration of all components to a single PCB.

The harmonically rich, touch responsive and smooth high gain of the original is here. Assembled in Northern California from US-made and imported parts. Each amp is built one at a time and hand-serialized. 


  • 5 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 20 watts from 2x EL84 power tubes
  • Tube-buffered, pedal-friendly effects loop
  • Hand-soldered, thick (purple) PCB with through hole construction. High-quality components throughout
  • Rear-mounted variable DEPTH control
  • Channel footswitch included


  • Clean / Crunch switch on Channel One - without this switch we can hardwire to either Clean or Crunch at your preference. 
  • Bright switch
  • Front-panel channel switching with Overdrive indicator LED
  • Acrylic control panel overlay color
  • Many tolex and front baffle options at no additional cost
  • Oversized Offset cabinet. Baffle will be the same color as the cabinet +$29

Because we use the same acrylic overlays for all amps, optional switches are not labeled on the front.

As always if you have something specific in mind or a question please email to info@jetcityamps.com 


Current Stock:
30.00 LBS
20.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
Shipping Cost:
$49.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Cabinet Size *
Control Panel Acrylic *
Bright Switch Ch One +$19 *
Ch One Clean / Crunch Switch *
Front Panel Channel Switch with Overdrive LED *

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Great amp

Guy Charbonneau on 21st Oct 2022

Great amp, sounds great and is true to the Soldano SLO100 Thanks Douglas !!!!! Guy C Canada


Paul Tocci on 11th Jul 2022

Hi Doug. The 5LO Rocks! I'll sum it up with two adjectives: exhilarating and inspirational. Versatile as it complements my playing style perfectly. In other words, I can play straight in (no pedals) and cover a lot of ground such as 70's rock, cleaner dynamics, and bluesy tones on channel one. The rest 80's-90's full throttle hard rock on channel two. (all done with the use of my guitars volume and tone knobs) The attack and touch sensitivity are really nice as well. Great amp - sounds/plays better than amps I've unfortunately owned costing 3x as much. Nice job Doug - thank you!

Amazing Product and Company

Ray Fried on 28th May 2022

The entire process from order to delivery was very positive. My 5LO order was completed a week and a half early and arrived very well packaged. The product itself looks, feels, and sounds many price points higher than I paid, not even counting that it was custom made with my colors and options. 100% will order again. In my opinion, the clean/crunch switch is a must have add on.