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Custom 2.X

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26.00 LBS

Product Overview

Custom 2.X is our all new 20 watt offering, now with many customizable options. Based on the platform of our most-popular product ever, the 22H, C2X is built with all of our usual quality standards but at much smaller quantities. Each Custom 2.X is hand-assembled, here in the USA, one at a time. This of course will create a lead-time as product won't be built into inventory, at least until such time most popular configurations are determined. Current lead time expectation is less than one week between order and shipment. USA only, for now. 

Printed circuit board (PCB). This was already well renowned for thickness, durability and our large traces made for easy repair and mods. Now with through-hole plating and soldered by hand (original boards were wave soldered). We have taken that a step further by working with our friends at Epic Amplification on the 2.X board. They've updated and re-routed the circuit board and elevated the DC heaters for quieter operation. 

Capacitor upgrade is is a low-cost way to get even greater performance from your amp. As always we use high-quality over-spec'd parts and SoZo's Yellow Mustard line of polyester film tube amp capacitors take it a step further. They are handmade to exact vintage specs, and beat everything available, even in high gain situations.

Transformers have been upgraded too. Our original transformer set was already impressive - offering a lot more iron than our competitors. Now we've changed vendors and are building even bigger, more robust transformers in smaller handcrafted runs. Also available separately as a solder-in upgrade to your 20H, 20HV, 22H or Custom 22. 

Cabinet is made from void-free plywood. Because we are now building in smaller quantities we can offer optional color choices. More colors coming soon, unless everyone just orders in black! It is also available naked for you bold do-it-yourself types.

Baffle this is the small part of the cabinet above the control panel where the logo is mounted. This is a cool option because you can create your own look by mismatching the covering of the baffle from the main cabinet. Also, you can send a message with your order and tell us to mount the logo in a different position from the standard center. Fits all of our legacy 20 watt cabinets too. 

Control Panel Plexiglass choose from black or white, with more options coming down the road. Also fits 22H. 



  • CLEAN has very little gain and is also suitable as a pedal platform. 
  • VINTAGE is the same as our 20HV - a little less gain than CRUNCH and also a little darker.
  • CRUNCH is the standard voicing - same as 22H and also the single channel of 20H the Atomic 16.


  • VINTAGE previously unavailable this lead channel is a bit darker than the SLO voice.
  • SLO is the lead channel which made us - and the SLO100 - one of the most sought-after tones in modern amplifiers.
  • MKII is the lead channel of the Custom 22. An updated voicing of the SLO channel by the British designer whose initials derive its name.


Depth accentuates the low end frequencies much like the presence control does for the high end frequencies. We offer it on the rear panel as a mod due to limited front panel space. 

Tube upgrades are available for those who have a preference of brand, as tubes can make a distinct difference in your amp's tone and performance. If you have something specific in mind let us know and we can quote you - likely somewhat higher than the in-stock options which we buy in quantity discount.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review